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AWA Kitchen Cabinets is one of Salt Lake City, Utah’s premier cabinet maker where our goal is to provide good quality cabinets at an affordable price and in a timely manner. Our priority is our customers. We understand that remodeling or building a new kitchen is a hectic time. AWA Kitchen Cabinets strives to make the process as smooth as possible through our services. We really enjoy getting involved in the design process and work with each customer to make their kitchen unique and beautiful to fit their taste...

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  • 17 Jul
    benefits drawbacks gloss cabinet finishes

    Basics, Benefits and Drawbacks of Gloss Cabinet Finishes

    Recently in this space, we discussed everything you need to know about matte cabinet finishes. Matte finish, which refers to a smooth, shine-free surface, is a popular modern style...

  • 17 Jul
    benefits drawbacks matte cabinet finishes

    Basics, Benefits and Drawbacks of Matte Cabinet Finishes

    While color is naturally one of the top aesthetic considerations for any new cabinets in your kitchen, finish is also a vital factor to consider. Referring to the final application...

  • 17 Jul
    installing under-cabinet lighting

    Basics on Installing Under-Cabinet Lighting Options

    While cabinets in any room in your home can serve multiple purposes, the primary one in a majority of cases is functionality. Cabinets are highly valuable for everything from stora...

  • 17 Jul
    replacing cabinets beats refacing

    When Replacing Cabinets Beats Refacing Them

    When your kitchen cabinets are beginning to wear down or you want a new kitchen design, or even if you’ve recently moved into a new home and are looking to alter your cabinet app...

  • 17 Jul
    impact cabinets weight health

    Impact of New Cabinets on Weight and Health

    At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re proud to offer a wide range of kitchen cabinets for your home remodel. From base cabinets to vanities, wall cabinets and many other choices, we hav...

  • 17 Jul
    cabinet layout kitchen cleaning

    Cabinet Layout and Ease of Kitchen Cleaning

    For those who use the kitchen as the central hub of their home, including often having guests over, cleaning will be more important for this room than any other in the home. But in...

  • 17 Jul
    considerations before painting cabinets

    Considerations Before Painting Your Cabinets

    Kitchen cabinets are some of the defining elements of your kitchen and even your entire home’s design, and the color scheme they follow is one of the biggest factors here. A simp...

  • 17 Jul
    setting sticking kitchen remodeling budget

    Setting and Sticking to a Kitchen Remodeling Budget

    There are several big areas to consider when you’re looking into a kitchen remodel, and at or near the top of the list for virtually every homeowner here is the budget. Remodelin...

  • 17 Jul
    cabinets reducing kitchen waste

    Cabinets and Reducing Kitchen Waste

    In today’s modern day and age, many home and business owners alike are always looking for ways to reduce waste. Not only can limiting home waste save you money on your utility bi...

  • 17 Jul

    Choosing the Right Cabinet Door Style

    As a top cabinet maker in Utah, we at AWA Kitchen Cabinets are here to help you with every element of your cabinet choice process. We can address your kitchen needs and help you...

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Dustin GDustin G
AWA is the best quality for the best price. If you need cabinets do not buy until you go there. I've had them do several of my cabinets, both for my flips and personal home. Best price, best service, ...

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