Base Cabinets 101: Customization Levels

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some basics on base kitchen cabinets and their types. Some of the most popular and well-known cabinets out there, base cabinets are installed to the floor of a given room, providing support for counters while also allowing storage space.

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re happy to offer a wide range of kitchen cabinets from top manufacturers, including base cabinets for all our client needs around Salt Lake City. Today’s part two will look into the various levels of customization found for base cabinets, plus how to consider each one.

base cabinets customization levels

Stock Cabinets

When you hear the term “stock” cabinets, what comes to mind is a product that’s already made and in-store. This can mean anything from ready-made kitchen, bathroom, home office or other base cabinets available for installation.

Stock base cabinets come with a combination of benefits and potential drawbacks depending on the situation. For one, they can be ready to go pretty quickly, are usually affordable and suit a variety of different needs. On the other hand, you’re limited to what’s already available in-store and may not find exactly what you need if you have very specific parameters for your cabinets.

RTA Cabinets

While some consider RTA cabinets part of the stock cabinet sector, the acronym stands for “ready to assemble,” meaning that you’ll need to put them together yourself. This can work out in your favor since the cabinets will arrive with all their pieces and components, allowing you to customize their installation in a way that works for your space.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

This type of base kitchen cabinet involves more customization and is usually considered an upgrade when compared to the previously mentioned options. In this case, you can choose the design of your cabinets, as well as the materials used and their measurements. This allows for greater control over how they look in your kitchen while also offering a little more convenience if you’re dealing with odd spaces or limited room.

Custom Cabinets

Finally, custom cabinets are the ultimate in base cabinet customization. As their name implies, you can design all aspects of these cabinets, from the materials used to their size and shape. This provides for a unique look that works perfectly with your kitchen’s existing theme and architecture.

When shopping for your kitchen cabinets, it can be helpful to decide which type of cabinet is best for you. While stock cabinets are a great choice if you’re looking for speed and affordability, custom cabinets provide the ultimate level of customization and design options. Whatever type you choose, AWA Kitchen Cabinets have the perfect base cabinet solution for you!  We look forward to helping make your kitchen dreams come true. Contact us today to get started on the perfect kitchen of your dreams.