Basics, Benefits and Drawbacks of Matte Cabinet Finishes

While color is naturally one of the top aesthetic considerations for any new cabinets in your kitchen, finish is also a vital factor to consider. Referring to the final application of color or lamination that gives your cabinet that truly complete look, cabinet finish comes in a few different formats.

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re happy to offer our expertise and any information you might need on finish options for your kitchen cabinets, from base cabinets to wall cabinets and many other options. One finish format that’s rising in popularity over recent years is the matte finish – what are some of the basics, pros and cons of this finish style? Let’s take a look.

benefits drawbacks matte cabinet finishes

Matte Finish Basics

Matte finish, a common modern type found in many homes, refers to a finish that’s a smooth, shine-free surface. Matte finishes are considered an inherent opposite to gloss finishes, which have a greater luster and are meant to “shine” or reflect light.

In most cases, the choice between matte or gloss (or another finish type) comes down to personal preference. But there are also several notable factors to consider in terms of the texture, sealing and protection offered by each – our next couple sections will go over these factors for matte finishes.

Benefits of Matte Cabinet Finishes

There are a couple notable benefits of matte finishes in your cabinets:

  • Texture: In many cases, matte finishes are primary options for larger kitchens that contain open floor plans and lots of space. This is because matte finishes do a great job of adding texture and layering to other gloss areas, which are often found on countertops and other kitchen sections. Matte finishes bring a sleek look that helps class up any room.
  • Concealing: Matte finishes are great if you’re the kind of homeowner who doesn’t want to be cleaning cabinet surfaces of smudges, stains and scratches too often. These kinds of marks show up more often with gloss finishes, but matte finishes show subtler appearances and do not reflect light in the same way.

Drawbacks of Matte Cabinet Finishes

There are a couple downsides of matte finishes as well, depending on your needs:

  • No seal: While matte finishes do conceal many stain or smudge types, they don’t actually prevent them in any way. They’re just harder to see.
  • Cleaning difficulty: Down similar lines, matte finishes can be a bit tougher to clean precisely because you can’t always see the imperfections as easily. Matte finishes are also a bit more susceptible to streaking or absorption of stains.
  • Small spaces: For smaller kitchen spaces, matte finishes may make the area feel compressed due to absorbing light. If you’re trying to increase the perception of size, you might want to look elsewhere.

For more on the benefits and drawbacks of matte finishes, or to learn about any of our other kitchen cabinet materials or options, contact the pros at AWA Kitchen Cabinets today.