Considerations Before Painting Your Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are some of the defining elements of your kitchen and even your entire home’s design, and the color scheme they follow is one of the biggest factors here. A simple tweak in color for your cabinets can impact the entire aesthetic of your kitchen, and may impact decisions you make on everything from countertops to tile, accessories and more.

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we have a wide range of color options for our kitchen cabinets to help with your home remodeling needs. Another choice that some of our buyers look to is painting their cabinets on their own – this is often a great way to get a unique pattern, but it’s also a route some people take for the wrong reasons and without considering the pros and cons. Let’s look over some of the basics here, including a few situations where painting your own cabinets might not actually be the best approach.
considerations before painting cabinets

Many Colors Available

For starters, as we noted above, we have a huge variety of color options already available in our cabinet models. We have every popular style out there today available, plus several others that are a bit more unique – such as cinnamon glaze or our espresso shaker dark tone.

In addition, we can help you color-match to the rest of your kitchen. Our pros have tons of experience with complementary colors within design, so we can assist you whether you have or haven’t already chosen other design themes for the kitchen remodel. If your only goal with painting is to get a great color that complements the rest of the space, you might be able to accomplish this for much less cost and hassle.

Cost and Labor

Speaking of the costs of painting, they can be significant if you aren’t careful. A few areas to consider here:

  • Prep: To paint cabinet doors, you first have to remove the doors themselves plus all their hardware. Then you have to sand or otherwise remove the previous paint and stain, plus any debris, so the new paint will stick. Then, of course, you have to invest in quality paint.
  • Application: Then you have to apply primer and then two coats of paint, with sanding in between coats. Some people use a sprayer, which costs extra and requires taping all over the place.
  • Re-attaching: And once you finally finish, you have to put everything back together properly. If you’re inexperienced with this kind of work, you may risk losing or damaging parts. And on top of this, the kitchen will be largely out of commission during this period while you paint.
  • Outside work: And if you don’t feel like taking the above steps above, you’ll have to hire out – which costs additional money.

If you’re interested in learning more about our color options and why you can often skip self-painting, or for information on any of our cabinet store options, speak to the pros at AWA Kitchen Cabinets today.