Kitchen Cabinet Design Factors to Consider

The kitchen cabinet design process must be handled with care — it’s a big investment and it will have a drastic effect on your kitchen’s appearance. Some of the most important decisions are made early in the planning stages.

kitchen cabinet design factors to consider

Think About Your Floor Plan and Available Space

Many homeowners who are remodeling can only think about “more.” You want more space, but you also want more storage. You want more functionality and more organization. But how can your kitchen cabinet design be all of that?

It starts with the floor plan. Decide where appliances will go for the smoothest function, then orient cabinets and islands around them. There are also ways to use kitchen cabinet design to make these necessary appliances look built-in.

To achieve your goal of having more space, you might want to take down a wall. But this can affect your kitchen cabinet design, since cabinets need walls! Consult with your contractor or designer well in advance of deciding on kitchen cabinet design to make sure you’re ending up with the amount of square footage you’re looking for, both inside and outside your cabinets.

Also, ask your cabinet provider about custom organization options. From creative spice racks to dish holders, there are ways to make cabinet space work even harder for you.

Consider Material and Hardware

Next up, it’s time to consider the material you’ll use for your cabinets. While real wood is always preferable, other materials offer cost-saving benefits that are useful for remodelers on a budget. Besides materials, final finish and colors will also come into play. Coordinate with flooring choices and wall color preferences to achieve the ideal finished look.

The hardware you choose will dictate the style as well. Rustic knobs versus classic handles convey two very different design profiles. Think about how both material and hardware will contribute to the overall look — get samples of both to review if you can.

Don’t Discount the Extras

Kitchen cabinet design should be incorporated into a comprehensive whole-room design approach. For instance, how does your lighting add drama? Could molding add the final touch that truly completes the room?

Talk to the Cabinet Pros

We specialize in kitchen cabinet design that works for you and we’re here to answer all your cabinet-related questions. Ready to get a jump-start on your remodel? Get a free quote from AWA Kitchen and get the quality product you need at the right price for your budget.