Personalizing Kitchen Cabinets: Pop-Outs, Compartments, Pet Beds

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked some basic themes you might consider as you’re looking to personalize or customize your kitchen cabinets. Cabinets serve both practical and aesthetic purposes, and there are ways to customize them in both these areas that make them not only useful, but also attractive and appealing.

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re happy to offer the very best selection of kitchen cabinets and cabinet accessories in SLC and other parts of Utah, including numerous custom options to consider. What are some other common ways clients go about personalizing their cabinets, and which of these areas might you consider for your new cabinets? Here are a few ideas.

personalizing kitchen cabinets compartments

Pop-Out Appliances

We went over fold-out and slide-out surfaces in part one of our series, and a cousin to these is the pop-out appliance. While not as dramatic or extreme as either of the other two, this is a nice way to make things like your coffee maker, blender, or toaster oven more accessible while still keeping them stored away neatly.

There are numerous ways to build a custom nook or cubby for your appliances right into your cabinet design. A lot of this will come down to the size and shape of the appliances you’re working with, as well as how often you use them. You might even consider a rolling appliance cart that can be wheeled out when needed and stored away when not in use.

Hidden Compartments or Cabinets

In other cases, you may opt for a more hidden approach to appliance storage. If you don’t want your coffee maker or toaster oven on full display all the time, you can have a false front or door installed that will match the rest of your cabinets when closed but can be opened to reveal the appliances stored inside.

You might also consider a hidden cabinet or two that can be used to store away less-used items, like holiday dishes or serving ware. These can be installed high up out of the way or even below your countertops.

A Pet-Bed Cubby

One great use of cabinet customization for those who have pets is to incorporate a pet-bed cubby into the design. This can be built to match the rest of your cabinets and can be installed at just about any height. It’s a great way to keep Fido off the couch and give them their own little space in the kitchen. For instance, a pet-bed cubby in a lower cabinet can double as a food storage area, with the bed on top and food stored below in pull-out drawers.

These are just a few of the ways you might personalize or customize your new kitchen cabinets. As always, our team at AWA Kitchen Cabinets is happy to help you explore all the options and find the perfect cabinets for you. Call us today to learn more!