What’s the Most Important Kitchen Cabinet Feature? 

What make-or-break kitchen cabinet feature does your renovation just have to have? Is it modern hardware? Soft-close drawers? Glass doors?

What’s the Most Important Kitchen Cabinet Feature? 

Because there are so many kitchen cabinet design features, it’s easy to go into information overload, where you’re struggling to separate the essential from the preferable. But when it comes down to it, there is one feature you must have: quality.

You Have to Like Them and They Should Last

Your kitchen cabinets will get a lot of use. If you don’t think so, just look at your old cabinets. They’re dented, bent, stained and scratched. You use your cabinets every day. After all, they hold the snacks!

But you also should love how your kitchen cabinets look because they are such a dominant part of your kitchen design.

So when you’re cabinet shopping, don’t settle for a color you tolerate — make sure it’s exactly what you want. And when you are making a final buying decision, always prioritize quality of both the construction and installation. The materials you select and the building process will dictate quality, but the installation contractor’s skill level will come into play too.

All the above should only be exceptional!

Efficiency Means Organization

You should take a few secondary priorities into consideration when choosing the right cabinet set as well. You’ll work more efficiently in a kitchen that’s functionally set up to help you succeed. That means in-cabinet spice racks and sliding trays are important.

Make the Most of Your Space

Second, consider your space’s design. Use every square inch of your kitchen. Plan cabinets that take advantage of islands, wall space and any other square footage you can use. Even if you’re not getting custom cabinets, make sure you structure the layout to make the best use of your stock or semi-custom order.

Trust the Experts

At AWA Kitchen, you’re bound to find top quality cabinets that will last — and that’s what matters most. Beyond the durability feature, you’ll also love the fact that they fit in perfectly with your design theme, integrate organizational systems and make the best use of your square footage. Those are the critical pieces of ideal kitchen cabinet design. AWA Kitchen has it covered.