Kitchen Cabinets in Bountiful, Utah

When you’re remodeling your home in Bountiful, Utah, rely on AWA to provide the best choices for new kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets do not always get the respect they deserve. Homeowners get excited about their new convection ovens and stainless steel refrigerators, but they sometimes fail to appreciate the quiet strength real wood kitchen cabinets provide.

At AWA, we construct all our cabinets with real birch wood doors. As much as we love our clients, we don’t want to update their kitchens every five years — we expect our products to last. The only time our kitchen cabinets need replacing is if the homeowner desires a change in style.
kitchen cabinets bountiful utah

Styles & Colors for Kitchen Cabinets in Bountiful, Utah

We currently offer nine colors and styles of cabinet to fit a variety of tastes. Utah homes are rugged, but contemporary. We have the space to construct large kitchens. We use more wood and exposed beams than subway tile and upholstered barstools with brass legs. Therefore, AWA offers the most popular choices for the Bountiful, Utah, area. These include shaker and contemporary styles from the whitest white to the darkest mahogany.

And the beauty isn’t just in the cabinet doors. Opting for sections of open shelving, a wine rack or mullion doors give you more opportunities to showcase your new style.

Sturdy and Reliable Kitchen Cabinets

Once you settle on the perfect style and color for your taste, you can rest assured your kitchen cabinets will serve you for decades to come. The durability of solid wood is part of what makes it so attractive. Like a robust oak tree or a strong, healthy horse, the beauty is in the strength.

While changing a cabinet’s color with paint or stain is always an option down the road, some weathering over the years is part of the appeal of real wood. It demonstrates vitality and endurance.

Rest assured that with kitchen cabinets made with real wood doors, you will only need to make changes and updates if you want to — it won’t be a necessity.

Trust AWA with Your Kitchen Cabinets

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we offer free estimates to all our clients throughout the Wasatch Front. Give us a call and make an appointment, and we will come out to your home in Bountiful and do a free design assessment, no obligation. You’ll get the benefit of our years of experience in the industry, and likely some ideas that you had not thought of on your own.

Contact us today to learn more about how AWA Kitchen Cabinets can help make your Bountiful, Utah, home more functional and beautiful.