Kitchen Cabinets in Herriman, Utah

AWA Kitchen Cabinets has been serving homeowners in Herriman and the greater Salt Lake County area for over 20 years, and we’re ready to meet your needs with high-quality cabinetry.

We understand the importance of bringing your design dreams to life, and the AWA team can provide you with cabinets that reflect your personal style. We have lots of happy Herriman customers, and our extensive knowledge and experience combined with our dedication to top-notch workmanship and superior customer service ensures that you’ll be pleased with your new cabinetry. 

Kitchen cabinets HerrimanEye-Catching Hardwood Kitchen Cabinets

Compared to cabinetry made from particle board, MDF or plywood, our wood cabinets are higher in price. But they’re also much higher in quality – and when you consider that our cabinetry can remain beautiful and functional for decades, AWA offers a good investment.

Our gorgeous cabinets are long-lasting because they’re crafted from birch, a hardwood that resists scratches and isn’t susceptible to moisture. Birch wood cabinetry is stunning when finished with a stain, and birch also takes paint color well, making it one of the most versatile cabinet options.

And speaking of cabinet options, AWA has a broad range of colors and stains to match the look of your Herriman home. Plus, our cabinetry is customizable, and you can choose from a broad range of add-ons. Mixer storage garages, pull-out step stools, under-sink organizers and hinged corner turnout shelving are just a few of our many options for custom-built cabinets. 

Cabinetry for Every Room of Your Home

Upon seeing our name, many Herriman homeowners assume that kitchen cabinet design and installation is what we do – and while they’re not wrong, kitchen cabinetry isn’t our only area of expertise.

If you want to upgrade the cabinets in your bathroom, AWA Kitchen Cabinets is the company to call. The same goes for cabinetry projects in other rooms, such as the garage, mudroom or basement. And whichever you choose, standard or custom-built cabinetry, you can expect AWA to deliver quality results.

What’s more, with AWA, you have the opportunity to get high-quality countertops that match your new wood cabinets. Our professional team designs and installs quartz and granite counters, too, and if you plan countertop installation along with cabinet installation, you’ll find it much easier to get a look you absolutely love. 

Get in Touch with AWA Kitchen Cabinets Today

Affordable pricing, on-time installation and no cost overruns – that’s what Herriman homeowners want from a cabinet maker, and you can count on all three when you work with AWA Kitchen Cabinets. And we’re just being honest when we say that our cabinetry and countertops are quite beautiful.

Need help choosing the style, color or configuration of your new cabinets or counters? We’d be happy to offer advice, and our professional team can help you make smart planning decisions.

Ready for a free consultation at your Herriman home? To explore the many options for cabinetry and countertop installation at AWA Kitchen Cabinets, get in touch with us today.