Kitchen Cabinets in Riverton, Utah

If you live in Riverton, Utah, and need new kitchen cabinets, AWA is the place to come.

We have installed kitchen cabinets for hundreds of clients in Riverton and the surrounding area, and we can make your kitchen look beautiful again too.

Kitchen cabinets take up the most square footage in a kitchen. While the type of refrigerator you buy or the flooring you select will matter in a renovation, the kitchen cabinets will be the most prominent, so it’s best to choose carefully.

Most homeowners don’t find it difficult to select a style of kitchen cabinet. They may agonize over the choice between cinnamon or coffee color, but at the end of the day, they are both variations of brown. While you want to love how your cabinets look, beauty is worthless if your cabinets are not durable and well-constructed.

That’s how AWA Kitchen Cabinets sets itself apart. We use real birch wood in the construction of our cabinet doors. It doesn’t just look better; it is better.
kitchen cabinets riverton utah

The Emergence of Kitchen Cabinets

When you break it down, cabinets are basically just boxes. In the old days, homeowners kept their kitchen items on shelves, but they got dusty and covered with ashes from the hearth. And the more items homeowners began to collect, the more room they needed to store them in. Hence, kitchen cabinets.

The cabinet boxes themselves do not need to withstand a lot of wear and tear, but the doors are used daily. We open and close our kitchen cabinet doors every time we need an item. And sometimes we don’t take the time to close them carefully, we just bang them shut with an elbow when our hands are wet. For this reason, kitchen cabinet doors need to be able to withstand lots of abuse.

Keeping Kitchen Cabinets Looking Great

Further, the cabinet doors are the face of your kitchen. You can’t help but look at them every time you enter the room, so you want them to look nice. Real wood looks better than MDF or veneer. Additionally, it cleans up better. It’s the cabinet doors that catch all the drips and spills in the kitchen.

Your cabinets may also develop a buildup from touching the wood with dirty hands. It’s easier to clean real wood than veneer. Eventually veneer will wear away, whereas wood is wood, all the way through.

New Kitchen Cabinets in Riverton, Utah

When you invest in a kitchen remodel, you want it to last. It can be genuinely disheartening to notice after a few years that your kitchen cabinets are peeling at the edges, warping or becoming loose on their hinges. When you choose kitchen cabinets with real wood doors, this won’t happen.