Why Wall Cabinets Remain Vital in Modern Kitchen Design

wall cabinets modern kitchen designAs new modern kitchen design themes like open floor plans, exposed walls and greater emphasis on islands have become more popular in recent years, some may be wondering what happens to cabinets for st

Phone Apps That Assist With Home and Kitchen Remodeling

apps home kitchen remodelingAt AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re proud to play a prominent role in many kitchen remodeling projects through providing high-quality kitchen cabinets in several formats. From base and wall cabinets to u

Basics, Benefits and Drawbacks of Gloss Cabinet Finishes

benefits drawbacks gloss cabinet finishesRecently in this space, we discussed everything you need to know about matte cabinet finishes. Matte finish, which refers to a smooth, shine-free surface, is a popular modern style for not only cabine

Basics, Benefits and Drawbacks of Matte Cabinet Finishes

benefits drawbacks matte cabinet finishesWhile color is naturally one of the top aesthetic considerations for any new cabinets in your kitchen, finish is also a vital factor to consider. Referring to the final application of color or laminat

Basics on Installing Under-Cabinet Lighting Options

installing under-cabinet lightingWhile cabinets in any room in your home can serve multiple purposes, the primary one in a majority of cases is functionality. Cabinets are highly valuable for everything from storage to organization,

When Replacing Cabinets Beats Refacing Them

replacing cabinets beats refacingWhen your kitchen cabinets are beginning to wear down or you want a new kitchen design, or even if you’ve recently moved into a new home and are looking to alter your cabinet appearance or function

Impact of New Cabinets on Weight and Health

impact cabinets weight healthAt AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re proud to offer a wide range of kitchen cabinets for your home remodel. From base cabinets to vanities, wall cabinets and many other choices, we have everything you nee