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Painting Kitchen Cabinets the Right Way: Your How-To Guide

Painting kitchen cabinets is a great DIY project. But when you’re gearing up for this task, it’s essential that you study up on how to do it the right way. It’s not as simple as getting a can of spray paint — painting kitchen cabinets is an in-depth process and you need to follow the steps carefully for the best results.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Prep Is a Key Step

Preparing the cabinets is the first — and the most important — step. First, remove all hardware and label each piece so you know which cabinet connects with which handle and knob at the end. As you take out each drawer and remove each door, draw a map of your cabinets and label where each one goes. This will save you so much time on the other end!

Remove all items from the counter and cover it with protective paper so you don’t get paint on the stone or laminate. Next, it’s cleaning time! Spray and wipe all cabinet boxes, drawers and doors with a paint-prep cleaning solution.

Finally, it’s time to sand. Sand the boxes first, then the drawer and door fronts. Don’t sand all the way down to the wood grain — you’re just working on removing the current finish. Shop vac the dust when you’re done.

Priming Is Essential for Professional Results

You might think you can skip priming, but beware: This will give you less than professional results. Primer is essential for paint to stick for the long term. Follow manufacturer instructions on how long to let primer dry before you begin painting.

Boxes First, Then Drawers and Doors

Start with the cabinet boxes, then work on the drawer and door fronts. Cover all surfaces with a light coat of paint, then wait four hours (at least) before you begin the next coat. Sand the surface lightly with a fine-grained sandpaper in between coats. Wipe away the dust with a tack cloth before beginning the next layer.

Painting kitchen cabinets typically requires at least two coats, and sometimes three. After all, your cabinets get plenty of day-to-day use!

Be Patient

Make sure you wait for the final coat to dry completely before you begin installing hardware and putting all the cabinets back where they belong. It’s not worth it to rush — one blemish means you have to start all over!

Project Proving Futile?

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to get the finish you’re looking for. If painting kitchen cabinets isn’t solving your design problem, come to AWA Kitchen Cabinets! We will give you plenty of design ideas, along with affordable ways to replace outdated cabinets.

5 Kitchen Cabinet Trends That Matter for Your Redesign 

Maybe you don’t usually pay attention to kitchen cabinet trends, but if you’re handling your own kitchen remodel project, you may want to see what’s out there.

In a redesign, you have to choose countertops, decide on a layout and likely replace outdated appliances with sleek, new models. At the same time, you’re trying to pick kitchen cabinet style and color.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen is essential. No pressure, but this decision can make or break the finished look! And you want it to be stunning.

Here are five popular kitchen cabinet trends that matter — not because they’re fashionable right now, but because they have potential to contribute to a design that ages well, providing the highest return on your investment.

1. Hyperfocus on White

Dark wood stains and bright colors come and go with time, but white is always in style. White kitchen cabinets consistently take the top spot among kitchen cabinet style choices. If you go with white, you won’t regret it.

2. Under-cabinet LEDs

The under-cabinet LED light isn’t just for home design magazines — you can get this in your kitchen too. Adding lights beneath cabinets is mostly a functional design decision. More light is always welcome when you’re cooking!

But the big-picture effect is eye-catching too. LED lighting adds a tasteful touch to your new design.

3. Gray Tones Are Another Top Choice

If you’re not a fan of white, that’s OK. There’s another color you can splash all over your kitchen and stay on-trend: gray.

Gray tones are a recent favorite, but will likely outlast many other fads because they easily blend with countless other colors. For instance, gray looks great with white, but also with bright red or yellow. Pick gray for your cabinets, but white for your backsplash (or vice versa). There are endless customization options when you embrace gray.

4. The Two-Tone Look

You thought you had to choose one cabinet color for your entire kitchen? You thought wrong!

Many homeowners are opting for a two-tone cabinet scheme, with one shade up above and one below. You could also make your island a different shade than the rest of the cabinets. Two-tone is gorgeous!

5. Sliding or Flip Doors

Don’t settle for boring old cabinets that open traditionally. Get cabinets that slide to the side or flip upward. They’re space-savers and they’ll set your remodel apart.

Ready to Make a Statement?

AWA Kitchen Cabinets constantly studies and observes kitchen cabinet trends, with a commitment to bringing our customers the best options in home kitchen design. If you’re ready to make a statement, you’re ready to work with AWA Kitchen Cabinets. We help you maximize your budget and transform your kitchen with functional, beautiful cabinets you’ll love for years.

How to Prepare for a Kitchen Cabinet Installation

A kitchen cabinet installation is a big deal — it’s a sign your renovation is finally starting to come together! To prepare for the exciting day, it’s important you take steps to ensure the project goes off without a hitch.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and your cabinets are what make it functional. How can you get the best result from your kitchen cabinet installation?

kitchen cabinet install

Are You Doing it Yourself?

If you think you can install your cabinets by yourself, make sure you have all the right tools for the job. You’re a good candidate for taking on a kitchen cabinet installation as a DIY project if you know carpentry, have knowledge of plumbing and have had at least some experience with electrical work.

Have your own tools? That’s a plus. Do you know what it means to miter or plumb? If so, you are on the right track.

Get Walls and Floors Ready

Install cabinets on the subflooring, not the flooring. Prepare for the installation by sweeping and vacuuming the area to make sure there are no stray pieces of wood or shavings that will throw off the balance of your cabinets.

Finalize Electrical and Plumbing

Make sure all the basic work for electricity and plumbing is out of the way. The last thing you want is to have to cut into one of your custom cabinets to move a pipe or a wire.

Measure Three Times

You may have heard, “measure twice, cut once.” We say: “Measure three times!” In fact, you can never measure too many times. When you’re positioning cabinets, measurements are key. You don’t want your kitchen cabinets to hang too low or feel awkward to open.

Assembly Comes Before Install

Get most of the cabinets assembled before the installation process begins. This will help you get accurate measurements and start to visualize where each section will go.

Install Uppers First

It’s best if you install the upper level first so the base level won’t be in your way while you’re trying to hold and secure the heavy upper sections.

Ready for a change? A kitchen cabinet installation can give your space a whole new look. Call AWA Kitchen today and get more information on the styles we offer!

8 Kitchen Cabinet Accessories You Can’t Do Without 

Neat freaks look no further — these kitchen cabinet accessories are perfect for your obsession with organization!

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you spend the most time. Shouldn’t it be the room that’s the most organized too?

cabinet accessories

With these eight additions to your cabinet setup, you’ll enjoy the comfort of convenience every time you cook, whether you’re preparing a feast or grabbing a quick snack.

Trash Can Pullout

It’s good for looks and function: a waste pullout cabinet that you see only when you need it. Get rid of the ugly trash can that takes up space and tips over when a rambunctious pet or child bumps it while they’re running by.

Spice Rack Pullout

How often have you wished for a simple way to keep your spices organized? A pullout spice rack does it for you. Place them in alphabetical order and access them easily, whenever they’re needed for a quick seasoning. No more rows of spices littering the countertops.

Rollout Cabinets

For large cabinets, install rollout drawers that give you two levels of storage. Because the bottom level pulls out farther than the top, you can easily see the contents of each, cutting down on the time you spend digging through your cabinets.

Tray Dividers

Tray divider sections are ideal — find your cutting boards and pizza pans without the clattering and banging.

Knife Drawer

Dedicate one specific kitchen cabinet drawer for knife storage. When knives slide smoothly into a knife divider, you can get rid of the bulky holder that takes up counter space.

On-Door Storage

Don’t forget about the cabinet doors! One of the unexpected must-have kitchen cabinet accessories is on-door storage. Pegs and racks can hold dish towels and utensils, further de-cluttering your space.

Built-In Cookbook Shelf

Cookbooks aren’t just helpful guides — work them into your décor! If you add a built-in bookshelf to your kitchen cabinet design, you can arrange your library so it stands out, adding a homey, rustic look to your space.

Appliance Garage

An appliance garage — an area on the countertop enclosed by walls and a door or doors connecting to the cabinets above — is the perfect place to put your coffeepot and toaster when counter space is at a premium, or you just want your guests to think you always keep your kitchen uncluttered!

Start Your Kitchen Redesign

When you’re redesigning cabinets as part of a kitchen renovation or you’re starting your plan for a new build, include these kitchen cabinet improvements with the help of AWA Kitchen! We help make your vision a reality.

5 Kitchen Features Homeowners Want

When you’re renovating, it pays to put in kitchen features that most homeowners are looking for in their dream designs. Even if you don’t plan on moving anytime soon, you want to get the highest possible return on your investment when the time comes! Plus, you want to wow your company with your impeccable taste and style.

kitchen features

Here are five of the top kitchen features a majority of homeowners want:

1. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy efficiency is all the rage. Yes, stainless steel is attractive and popular, but if the stove, refrigerator or dishwasher isn’t energy-efficient, it’s less desirable from a market standpoint.

Energy efficiency doesn’t just mean good for the environment, it means lower utility bills! This is a great selling point and a great way to start earning money back after an investment in a kitchen redesign.

2. Two Sinks

Everyone wants more sink space, so instead of just one, add two, side by side! It makes it easier to wash and dry the dishes. Or you can stack the dirty dishes in one side of the sink and use the other for washing vegetables and doing other meal prep tasks.

3. Island Addition

Islands mean more counter space. This is always a positive. When homeowners have more space to spread out and chop, season and mix, then cooking is pleasurable instead of a headache.

Islands also add beauty. A stone island counter can become the centerpiece of a kitchen. Finally, islands add storage space, and that’s always welcome in a kitchen.

4. Storage, Storage and More Storage

What is one of the top reasons a homeowner renovates any room? They need more space. More is always better when it comes to storage, especially in the kitchen. Expanding and adding pantries or islands means more cabinets and cubbies that can hold utensils, dishes, pans and bulky items not welcome on the counter.

5. White Cabinets

White cabinets are typically the top choice when it comes to redesigning a kitchen. It might come as a surprise to find out most homeowners pick white when they could have maple, black or any color wood stain they desire, but it’s true! White has been proven to stand the test of time, making it the ideal kitchen cabinet choice.

If you’re torn about cabinet color, consider white cabinets your blank canvas for the rest of your redesign ideas.

Starting a Renovation Project?

Are you about to rip out old fixtures and make your new kitchen design a reality? Trust AWA Kitchen Cabinets to be your local cabinet supplier. We have a range of elegant and sophisticated cabinetry options to help you achieve the final look you want, complete with all the desirable kitchen features that make your home enjoyable to live in and attractive to potential buyers.

How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Color

Deciding on a kitchen cabinet color is one of the major choices you’ll face during your kitchen renovation. To achieve your vision for the space, it’s essential to consider every detail from every angle.

kitchen cabinet color

Kitchen cabinet color will affect the mood of the room and dictate how the other pieces of the design fit together. It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you see all your options, from stains to paint shades.

Your Cabinets Are the Centerpiece

Think about it — your cabinets are like the walls of your kitchen. While wall paint color is important to consider since you want to make sure your kitchen cabinet color doesn’t clash, it’s the cabinet shade that will set the tone for the room, not the wall.

The same rules for paint colors apply to your cabinets. Darker colors will make the space look smaller, while lighter colors enlarge a living area.

Since your cabinets will take up most of the wall space, many designers recommend choosing this color first, then deciding the rest afterward.

Consider Lighting

In kitchens, lighting is usually directed toward the work area. This could mean track lighting pointing toward the counters or hanging island lights shining toward the center of the room. When you’re choosing countertop color then considering the shade of your cabinets, think about where you want the eye drawn.

The eye will naturally look in the direction of the light, but by contrasting your cabinet color with your countertop color, you could bring the focus upward. It’s all about what effect you like best.

Quality Beats Color Choice

Always remember that the quality of the materials you choose is vitally important — much more so than the color you decide to paint or stain the exterior. It’s also more important that your cabinets function well.

Invest in organizational systems to use dead space. Get under-cabinet lighting to brighten the room. Your cabinets can enhance your life in many ways, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the color.

What Will Stand the Test of Time?

Some colors and stains go out of style, as do some hardware choices. Your best bet is to pick what you like best, but make sure it’s easily customizable if you have to sell later on or you know you’re going to want a change. Get superior wood cabinetry with removable hardware so you can control the look.

AWA Kitchen Cabinets specializes in providing high-quality cabinets at affordable prices. We can help you choose a kitchen cabinet color and complete the style you want for your kitchen. Call us today for a free quote — we’re excited to help with your renovation project!

Organizing Kitchen Cabinets: Your How-To Guide to Decluttering

Organizing kitchen cabinets is a time-consuming job, but it provides a major payoff, saving you energy, frustration and eventually, time.

It’s hard to think about pulling all your items out, only to put them all back in again, but with this helpful guide, you can be sure to do the job so you don’t have to tackle this project again anytime soon.

organizing kitchen cabinets

These tips for organizing kitchen cabinets help you create a smart, functional kitchen.

Start with Ruthless Emptying and Discarding

First, empty all your kitchen cabinets. You probably have way too much stuff. The first step to successfully organizing kitchen cabinets is to toss all the items you’ve never used or maybe used once and don’t plan on using again.

Don’t get nostalgic about your old cookware — you don’t have the space! Be ruthless and throw away or donate duplicate or broken items, or any that you suspect are taking up more real estate than they’re worth.

Sort Items by Season and Activity

Next, place items together in piles according to how or when they’re used. Seasonal trays can go in one spot, baking supplies in another. This will help you make better decisions on which groups should go in which cabinets.

The dishes you barely use can go in your hard-to-reach cabinets instead of the bakeware you use all of the time.

Assign Like Duties to Specific Drawers and Cabinets

If you’re using the cabinet right above your coffee pot for cereal bowls instead of mugs, it’s time to start thinking more like a functional organizer. Store items directly next to where you use them. Keep your drinking glasses near the refrigerator. Move your utensils so they’re close to the food preparation area.

Use the Backs of Cabinet Doors

The backs of your cabinet doors can hold hooks — it’s a wealth of opportunity for storage. Hang measuring cups or utensils within easy reach. You can also mount corkboard on the backs of the cabinets and use the space to pin recipes and reminders. Or use chalkboard paint inside your cabinets or pantry door to keep a running shopping list going.

Install Pullout Cabinets to Use All Available Space

When you have deep kitchen cabinets, you may tend to only use the front part because once you put something way in the back, it’s so hard to reach again. Pullout drawers solve this issue. Use all the space you have by installing racks and baskets that slide out — it’s one of the best ways to stay organized.

Do you need a kitchen cabinet makeover? Trust AWA Kitchen Cabinets for everything from tips on organizing to renovating kitchen cabinets.

Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It?

Planning a major kitchen remodel?

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. From bustling breakfasts to relaxing dinners, your loved ones gather to discuss the details of their day in the kitchen. So whether you’re angling to sell your home for a profit or simply want to enhance your own enjoyment of the space, you need to invest some cash in functional and aesthetic upgrades.

kitchen remodel

But what kind of return on your investment can you expect?

Trends in Home Improvement ROI

An upgraded, beautiful kitchen is a renovation that has stood the test of time. Over the years, different upgrades have risen or decreased in value, but a renovated kitchen always lands near the top of the list when it comes to ranking the ROI of home improvement projects.

However, investing $50,000 in a new kitchen doesn’t directly translate to a $50,000 increase in property value. But a kitchen remodel can significantly add to your home’s value, especially compared to other projects.

According to Remodeling magazine, a minor kitchen remodel comes in fourth on the 2017 Cost vs. Value report for home-improvement projects. Homeowners can expect to recoup 80.2 percent of the costs. A major kitchen remodel delivers a 65.3 percent return on investment.

Trust a Professional Designer

Before you embark on your renovation project, consider consulting with a professional contractor or designer with experience remodeling kitchens.

One of the best ways to improve a kitchen is to modify the workflow. An expert renovator can help you find the best spot to move your sink or refrigerator to make moving and working in the room that much easier.

Spend Where it Counts

A designer can also help you spend money cost-effectively. Once you start planning a kitchen remodel, you’ll realize that while adding lighting, upgrading the countertops and replacing the sink are all great enhancements, it’s vital to reserve a large portion of your budget for the cabinets.

There’s a reason 29 percent of a kitchen remodel budget is typically spent on cabinets and hardware. Adding new cabinets offers additional storage space — always a desirable characteristic — and enhances the aesthetics as well. From soft-close drawers to decorative hardware, new cabinets deliver the improved function and modern look you’re going for.

Get a Free Quote from AWA Kitchen

We’re kitchen cabinet specialists, that’s why we’re the team you should call when you’re considering a kitchen remodel. Talk to the team at AWA Kitchen — we’re have just the products for you. We’ll provide a free quote to help you budget for your project before work begins. Contact us today.

The Advantages of Solid Wood Cabinets

Debating between particle board and solid wood cabinets? It’s a tough decision. It’s not that you can’t get affordable solid wood cabinets, it’s just that particle board is so cheap!

If you’re finding a hard time justifying the investment in the higher-end option, think about the benefits you may have overlooked in your first comparison analysis.

solid wood cabinets

They’re Warm, Inviting and Beautiful

There’s no question about it — stepping into a kitchen with solid wood cabinets makes you feel warm, welcomed and pleased with your surroundings. You can tell you’re encompassed by quality.

Wood gives a timeless, natural, classic look to a kitchen. It’s unrivaled in beauty. The juxtaposition of solid wood with gleaming stainless steel appliances and glossy stone countertops adds richness to the environment.

They’re Highly Customizable

Working with wood means your cabinetmaker can easily customize the dimensions to fit your project. Wood cabinets typically come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and depths, helping you make your kitchen or bathroom that much more unique than the home next door.

They’ll Last a Long Time

While it depends on the type of wood you choose, most are extremely durable, and it’s guaranteed they will last for years. If they suffer any damage over time, it’s easy to sand and re-stain the finish.

It’s a Selling Point

A kitchen renovation always pays off when it comes time to list your home for sale, but high-end finishes drive up home values more. The draw of solid wood is real, especially in up-and-coming or upscale neighborhoods.

Think of it as a dual investment — you’re enhancing your own enjoyment of your home and you’re planning for it to pay off down the road when you decide to move.

You Have Lots of Options

It’s OK if you don’t like the natural look of the wood that fits your budget — you can stain it. Wood isn’t only customizable when it comes to size, but the color and gloss intensity can be adjusted as well, based on your preferences.

Any Drawbacks?

While it’s clear solid wood cabinets offer many benefits, you still have to consider the cost. Particle board might be the better option for a cheap, quick fix, but remember: you get what you pay for. Wood cabinets may increase your kitchen renovation budget, but it’s rare that a homeowner regrets their kitchen remodel. A high-quality cabinet makeover is a sound investment.

Talk to AWA Kitchen Cabinets about what you picture for your home renovation or new build. We will help you find the materials that fit your budget and your vision.

Cabinet Store Treasures

A cabinet store carries much more than just kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It’s the place where you get all the bells and whistles, too, along with an incredible selection of woods and hardware.

Cabinet Store

Free in-home estimates from a knowledgeable and hospitable staff make a locally owned and operated cabinet store even sweeter. Reputable cabinet stores also offer free in-home design to ensure your finished project is flawless.

Cabinet Store Products

Cabinet stores stock base cabinets, uppers, tails, vanity cabinets, pot-and-pan drawers, file drawers, sink bases and much more. Whether customers want a completely custom cabinet or one of the many pre-fab selections, all possible heights, styles and thicknesses are available at a reputable cabinet store.

Right now, the go-to trend for cabinet styles is Shaker. It’s an excellent selection because of its timeless appeal and budget-friendly price. Shaker cabinets, available in soft-close, are the most affordable style of all cabinets. They’re available in birch solid wood with 3/4-inch and 5/8-inch doors, drawers and shelves.

Popular finishes include ginger, coffee glaze, mahogany and grays. Choices in classic white, dark espresso, cinnamon glaze or antique white help give you plenty of options.

Current Style

Trending right now are staggered uppers, where upper cabinets begin or end at various heights. This is much more affordable than bringing cabinets all the way to the ceiling, and offers an interesting touch with high-end appeal. Bringing lower cabinets all the way to the floor without a toe-kick area isn’t just a high-end finish, but also a way to make cleaning floors easier.

Increasingly, the bar area on kitchen islands is becoming the popular place to spend time with family. In many cases, posts are needed to support these natural stone counters. You can also include cabinets below the bar area, often hidden and a great space to tuck away valuables or lesser-used items.

More Than a Cabinet Store

Cabinet accessories like bar back panels, island posts, trims, tray dividers and Lazy Susans are also options at your local shop. Add a tip-out tray kit, crown molding, vanity toe kicks and more to make your finished cabinetry project look even more polished. With endless options for moldings, edges and other details, you can truly make your kitchen and bathroom your own.

Vanities and countertop selections help make a cabinet store a truly one-stop shop. A variety of countertop patterns and colors in granite and laminate allow customers to match products to their budget and tastes. Granite remains the most popular natural stone choice in America, dramatically improving the aesthetics and value of a bathroom or kitchen.

Call AWA Kitchen Cabinet today and get your free in-home estimate for a customized cabinet project.