Have you been looking for new kitchen cabinets in Tooele, Utah? AWA Kitchen Cabinets is the best place to go, offering good prices and excellent quality. Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of your home to choose, since they will hold tons of supplies and be used constantly. They also complete the overall look of the kitchen, so you want to really consider the design and color as well.  If you choose AWA Cabinets, we will save you both time and money. We’ll find a completely unique design for your Tooele kitchen, and install it quickly. 

Tooele Kitchen Cabinets, Custom MadeUPGRADING TO BETTER CABINETS

When first moving into a house, you often have to settle for cabinets and modeling you don’t love. But when you want to renovate and improve, you’ll want to make sure you get kitchen cabinets that are up to date in style and good quality. AWA Cabinets will help you improve your current kitchen to the kitchen of your dreams, with wall cabinets made of real birchwood, and all different designs, from modern to antique. We also want to hear you out, and will give you advice on the whole process of installing kitchen cabinets.


We don’t just do kitchen cabinets, we can install cabinets in your bathroom too! We have vanity cabinets to put your toiletries in, base under the sink cabinets, and many more. Bathroom cabinets need to be able to withstand all the moisture and heat in the air from showers, and we know you need good material that won’t break down under these conditions. Our birchwood won’t splinter or peel, since it’s real wood that is made to be durable and steady.

We also install countertops for bathrooms and kitchens, so when redoing your cabinets, we can take care of a new sturdy countertop as well. You won’t be as stressed, since you already know our products are reliable. Ask us about all of our different cabinets, and we’ll figure which ones work best for your home renovations. You can consult us at any time and we can offer our best advice based on years of experience. 


Cabinets that are easy to clean and keep up maintenance of are super important, and ours will meet those expectations. Your custom cabinets shouldn’t splinter or be worn down, and should be effortless to scrub down and polish. As long as you keep up proper care, our cabinets will look as new and fresh as when we first installed them.