If you are looking for new cabinets for your home in Grantsville, Utah, AWA Kitchen Cabinets is the way to go, with plenty of styles to choose from, and a team with lots of experience and skills to share. Kitchen cabinets are an essential part of your home to choose, since they not only hold your important supplies, but also are one of the most eye-catching parts of the kitchen. It can also be a really expensive process to install brand new kitchen cabinets, so you’ll want to make a choice that will save you both time and money. Don’t worry, AWA Kitchen Cabinets will cover you in both areas.

Grantsville Utah Custom AWA Kitchen CabinetsALL THE CHOICES

There is a huge variety of colors, sizes and styles to choose for your Grantsville kitchen. From different shades of brown tones, to subtle shades of grey, there are plenty of colors to look through and choose from. We can also give advice on which styles will fit your desired overall look, and really complement the rest of your kitchen.

Don’t stop with kitchen cabinets–we also have a ton of different types of cabinets for all your house needs. There’s everything from base cabinets and vanity cabinets for the bathroom, to wall cabinets in the hallway. AWA Cabinets can install polished looking cabinets in any room of the house needed. And we offer just as many colors and designs for these cabinets, so if you have a certain look or theme in mind for your entire home, we can keep the consistency.


Let’s face it, when installing brand new cabinets, it can be pricey and become a big project. You don’t really want to have to repeat this process again and again within the first few years just because the quality of your cabinets aren’t durable and steady. However, here at AWA Kitchen cabinets, we use real birchwood, which is much more reliable than cheaper fake wood cabinets. Our cabinets are meant to last a long time, and you won’t have to be worrying about replacing them any time soon. Even with day to day life being chaotic, and your kitchen cabinets being used constantly, our products are well made and will stand the test of time.

We know that installing new cabinets can be stressful, and we want to make the installation process as smooth and simple as possible. Contact AWA Kitchen Cabinets today for renovations, so we can help create your dream home while making it stress-free and doable.