When looking for new cabinets for your Magna kitchen, the options may seem overwhelming. It can be stressful to try and narrow down who you want to get your kitchen cabinets from. However, here at AWA Cabinets, we’ll make sure that you find designs you love, and also stay within your budget. We’ve been installing cabinets for years, and we can bring experience and time to the table. Need some advice on pricing, finding a design, or on materials to use? We have you covered. 

Magna Custom Kitchen CabinetsTHE REAL DEAL

Using good material is essential to building cabinets, and that’s why here at AWA Cabinets, we use real birchwood. Birchwood is sturdy, reliable, and it looks great no matter what color you paint over it. It also doesn’t get nicked or wear down easily, and should last you years to come. Our birchwood is also plentiful in supply, so no need to worry about it not being available. We also use birchwood since even though it’s durable, it isn’t a crazy price, and won’t break the bank. There are plenty of colors to choose from as well, and every installation looks unique to your Magna home. We can also offer our own advice on which colors or designs would best suit your home, so don’t be afraid to consult us at any time during the process. 


When installing new cabinets for your kitchen, you might as well take a look and consider getting new cabinets for the rest of your home as well. AWA Cabinets also offer base cabinets, wall cabinets, and utility cabinets, and will make any room in your Magna house look authentic and true to you. We also know we need our cabinets to be extra sturdy for rooms that gather plenty of moisture, such as the bathroom. Our vanity cabinets are made to withstand mold and wreckage, and shouldn’t break down just from exposure to water. They will last much longer than fake wood, and are meant to be in your home for years to come.


You’ll be able to keep the look of your cabinets clean and fresh, since our wood is easy to polish and get grime off of. When guests come and take a look at your kitchen, everything from the wall cabinets to the lower to the ground base cabinets will look spotless, and with hardly any effort of scrubbing. Keeping up cleaning and proper care of your cabinets will help your Manga home look put together, and will help your cabinets stand the test of time, lasting for years.