Kitchen Cabinets in South Jordan, Utah

When you’re shopping for kitchen cabinets in South Jordan, be sure to see what we have to offer here at AWA Kitchen Cabinets.

We have been building kitchen cabinets in homes in South Jordan and across the Wasatch Front for years, so you know you can depend on our skill and experience. The secret to beautiful kitchen cabinets that last is superior workmanship. Mass-produced kitchen cabinets for sale at big-box stores are no substitution for tight-fitting dovetail joints and hand-contoured doors.
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Upgrading Your South Jordan Kitchen

If money was tight when you first built your kitchen, you might have opted for cabinets with MDF or metal doors. But now that you’re established and ready to renovate, you want higher-quality cabinets that serve you well and show how you’ve grown.

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we offer a wide variety of colors and styles to suit your preferences. Whether you like modern, traditional, French country or another style, we have cabinets that fit the look you have in mind.

Start with the Best Materials and Add On

We make all our kitchen cabinet doors from real birch wood. It’s a hard, durable wood with a tight grain, and looks beautiful with any color stain, or no stain at all. The styles we offer for our doors range from simple shaker to detailed contours.

While the doors arguably determine the look of your cabinets — and thus, your entire kitchen — you can opt for add-ons and embellishments to give your kitchen its own unique look. To help define your personal style, consider crown molding, corbels, a plate stand, appliance garage, wine rack or stemware holder.

Cabinets Aren’t Just for Kitchens

And we don’t just do kitchens — we do bathrooms too!

Bathroom vanities take a lot of abuse, having to stand up to the daily heat and humidity of showers and baths. In this room more than any other, it’s important to have real wood that doesn’t warp, split or degrade. Lesser cabinets can swell and peel under such conditions, but real hard wood is reliable and will last for years to come.

Ask us about our options for bathroom vanities. We also install granite and laminate countertops for bathrooms and kitchens. Take care of all your kitchen cabinet and countertop needs in one place. Not only is it easier, but it gives you peace of mind, because you know AWA is a name you can trust.

Come down to our showroom anytime and see for yourself the colors and styles of kitchen cabinets and vanities we have to offer to South Jordan homeowners. Or we can come to you. Call us today to make an appointment and get a free in-home design service and estimate.