The Advantages of Solid Wood Cabinets

Debating between particle board and solid wood cabinets? It’s a tough decision. It’s not that you can’t get affordable solid wood cabinets, it’s just that particle board is so cheap!

If you’re finding a hard time justifying the investment in the higher-end option, think about the benefits you may have overlooked in your first comparison analysis.

solid wood cabinets

They’re Warm, Inviting and Beautiful

There’s no question about it — stepping into a kitchen with solid wood cabinets makes you feel warm, welcomed and pleased with your surroundings. You can tell you’re encompassed by quality.

Wood gives a timeless, natural, classic look to a kitchen. It’s unrivaled in beauty. The juxtaposition of solid wood with gleaming stainless steel appliances and glossy stone countertops adds richness to the environment.

They’re Highly Customizable

Working with wood means your cabinetmaker can easily customize the dimensions to fit your project. Wood cabinets typically come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and depths, helping you make your kitchen or bathroom that much more unique than the home next door.

They’ll Last a Long Time

While it depends on the type of wood you choose, most are extremely durable, and it’s guaranteed they will last for years. If they suffer any damage over time, it’s easy to sand and re-stain the finish.

It’s a Selling Point

A kitchen renovation always pays off when it comes time to list your home for sale, but high-end finishes drive up home values more. The draw of solid wood is real, especially in up-and-coming or upscale neighborhoods.

Think of it as a dual investment — you’re enhancing your own enjoyment of your home and you’re planning for it to pay off down the road when you decide to move.

You Have Lots of Options

It’s OK if you don’t like the natural look of the wood that fits your budget — you can stain it. Wood isn’t only customizable when it comes to size, but the color and gloss intensity can be adjusted as well, based on your preferences.

Any Drawbacks?

While it’s clear solid wood cabinets offer many benefits, you still have to consider the cost. Particle board might be the better option for a cheap, quick fix, but remember: you get what you pay for. Wood cabinets may increase your kitchen renovation budget, but it’s rare that a homeowner regrets their kitchen remodel. A high-quality cabinet makeover is a sound investment.

Talk to AWA Kitchen Cabinets about what you picture for your home renovation or new build. We will help you find the materials that fit your budget and your vision.