8 Kitchen Cabinet Accessories You Can’t Do Without 

Neat freaks look no further — these kitchen cabinet accessories are perfect for your obsession with organization!

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where you spend the most time. Shouldn’t it be the room that’s the most organized too?

cabinet accessories

With these eight additions to your cabinet setup, you’ll enjoy the comfort of convenience every time you cook, whether you’re preparing a feast or grabbing a quick snack.

Trash Can Pullout

It’s good for looks and function: a waste pullout cabinet that you see only when you need it. Get rid of the ugly trash can that takes up space and tips over when a rambunctious pet or child bumps it while they’re running by.

Spice Rack Pullout

How often have you wished for a simple way to keep your spices organized? A pullout spice rack does it for you. Place them in alphabetical order and access them easily, whenever they’re needed for a quick seasoning. No more rows of spices littering the countertops.

Rollout Cabinets

For large cabinets, install rollout drawers that give you two levels of storage. Because the bottom level pulls out farther than the top, you can easily see the contents of each, cutting down on the time you spend digging through your cabinets.

Tray Dividers

Tray divider sections are ideal — find your cutting boards and pizza pans without the clattering and banging.

Knife Drawer

Dedicate one specific kitchen cabinet drawer for knife storage. When knives slide smoothly into a knife divider, you can get rid of the bulky holder that takes up counter space.

On-Door Storage

Don’t forget about the cabinet doors! One of the unexpected must-have kitchen cabinet accessories is on-door storage. Pegs and racks can hold dish towels and utensils, further de-cluttering your space.

Built-In Cookbook Shelf

Cookbooks aren’t just helpful guides — work them into your décor! If you add a built-in bookshelf to your kitchen cabinet design, you can arrange your library so it stands out, adding a homey, rustic look to your space.

Appliance Garage

An appliance garage — an area on the countertop enclosed by walls and a door or doors connecting to the cabinets above — is the perfect place to put your coffeepot and toaster when counter space is at a premium, or you just want your guests to think you always keep your kitchen uncluttered!

Start Your Kitchen Redesign

When you’re redesigning cabinets as part of a kitchen renovation or you’re starting your plan for a new build, include these kitchen cabinet improvements with the help of AWA Kitchen! We help make your vision a reality.