Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It?

Planning a major kitchen remodel?

Your kitchen is the hub of your home. From bustling breakfasts to relaxing dinners, your loved ones gather to discuss the details of their day in the kitchen. So whether you’re angling to sell your home for a profit or simply want to enhance your own enjoyment of the space, you need to invest some cash in functional and aesthetic upgrades.

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But what kind of return on your investment can you expect?

Trends in Home Improvement ROI

An upgraded, beautiful kitchen is a renovation that has stood the test of time. Over the years, different upgrades have risen or decreased in value, but a renovated kitchen always lands near the top of the list when it comes to ranking the ROI of home improvement projects.

However, investing $50,000 in a new kitchen doesn’t directly translate to a $50,000 increase in property value. But a kitchen remodel can significantly add to your home’s value, especially compared to other projects.

According to Remodeling magazine, a minor kitchen remodel comes in fourth on the 2017 Cost vs. Value report for home-improvement projects. Homeowners can expect to recoup 80.2 percent of the costs. A major kitchen remodel delivers a 65.3 percent return on investment.

Trust a Professional Designer

Before you embark on your renovation project, consider consulting with a professional contractor or designer with experience remodeling kitchens.

One of the best ways to improve a kitchen is to modify the workflow. An expert renovator can help you find the best spot to move your sink or refrigerator to make moving and working in the room that much easier.

Spend Where it Counts

A designer can also help you spend money cost-effectively. Once you start planning a kitchen remodel, you’ll realize that while adding lighting, upgrading the countertops and replacing the sink are all great enhancements, it’s vital to reserve a large portion of your budget for the cabinets.

There’s a reason 29 percent of a kitchen remodel budget is typically spent on cabinets and hardware. Adding new cabinets offers additional storage space — always a desirable characteristic — and enhances the aesthetics as well. From soft-close drawers to decorative hardware, new cabinets deliver the improved function and modern look you’re going for.

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