5 Kitchen Cabinet Trends That Matter for Your Redesign 

Maybe you don’t usually pay attention to kitchen cabinet trends, but if you’re handling your own kitchen remodel project, you may want to see what’s out there.

In a redesign, you have to choose countertops, decide on a layout and likely replace outdated appliances with sleek, new models. At the same time, you’re trying to pick kitchen cabinet style and color.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen is essential. No pressure, but this decision can make or break the finished look! And you want it to be stunning.

Here are five popular kitchen cabinet trends that matter — not because they’re fashionable right now, but because they have potential to contribute to a design that ages well, providing the highest return on your investment.

1. Hyperfocus on White

Dark wood stains and bright colors come and go with time, but white is always in style. White kitchen cabinets consistently take the top spot among kitchen cabinet style choices. If you go with white, you won’t regret it.

2. Under-cabinet LEDs

The under-cabinet LED light isn’t just for home design magazines — you can get this in your kitchen too. Adding lights beneath cabinets is mostly a functional design decision. More light is always welcome when you’re cooking!

But the big-picture effect is eye-catching too. LED lighting adds a tasteful touch to your new design.

3. Gray Tones Are Another Top Choice

If you’re not a fan of white, that’s OK. There’s another color you can splash all over your kitchen and stay on-trend: gray.

Gray tones are a recent favorite, but will likely outlast many other fads because they easily blend with countless other colors. For instance, gray looks great with white, but also with bright red or yellow. Pick gray for your cabinets, but white for your backsplash (or vice versa). There are endless customization options when you embrace gray.

4. The Two-Tone Look

You thought you had to choose one cabinet color for your entire kitchen? You thought wrong!

Many homeowners are opting for a two-tone cabinet scheme, with one shade up above and one below. You could also make your island a different shade than the rest of the cabinets. Two-tone is gorgeous!

5. Sliding or Flip Doors

Don’t settle for boring old cabinets that open traditionally. Get cabinets that slide to the side or flip upward. They’re space-savers and they’ll set your remodel apart.

Ready to Make a Statement?

AWA Kitchen Cabinets constantly studies and observes kitchen cabinet trends, with a commitment to bringing our customers the best options in home kitchen design. If you’re ready to make a statement, you’re ready to work with AWA Kitchen Cabinets. We help you maximize your budget and transform your kitchen with functional, beautiful cabinets you’ll love for years.