Shaker Cabinet Hardware Selection and Placement, Part 1

Shaker hardwareOne of the most popular types of cabinet out there today is the shaker cabinet, which has a signature look with a five-piece design and a recessed center panel. Shaker cabinets come with numerous desi

Correcting Myths Surrounding Quartz Countertops, Part 2

correcting myths quartz countertopsIn part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the common myths out there regarding quartz countertop surfaces. When items or services become highly popular, they sadly tend to develop

Correcting Myths Surrounding Quartz Countertops, Part 1

correcting myths quartz countertopsWe offer a variety of fantastic kitchen products at AWA Kitchen Cabinets, from our wide range of base cabinets, vanity cabinets and various other cabinet accessories to several additional products, in

Balancing Neutral and Brighter Colors in Kitchen Remodels

neutral brighter colors kitchen remodelsWhen it comes to a kitchen remodeling project and numerous elements within it, color themes are a vital factor to consider. The right aesthetics at every level of the remodel can make or break its suc

Choosing Between Raised and Recessed Cabinet Panels

choosing raised recessed cabinet panelsThe modern world of kitchen cabinets offers a huge amount of customization available for clients, with numerous design and practical areas you have at least two choices in. One great example here is c

Countertop and Floor Complements for White Kitchen Cabinets

: countertop complements white kitchen cabinetsFor anyone involved in a significant kitchen remodel or upgrade to major aesthetic areas, the theme of contrasting is a vital one. Even if you plan to utilize a single color or shade as your primary f

The Versatile Value of Gray Kitchen Cabinets

versatile gray kitchen cabinetsAt AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re here to provide quality kitchen cabinet products of a variety of styles and formats for all our clients. Whether you’re looking for prominent options like base cabin