Kitchen Remodeling in 2016

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel this year, plan to strike a balance between classic and trendy.

2016 Kitchen Remodeling

Take a look at the kitchen profiles that have sustained year after year. Going with a traditional look like French country is a safe bet, as is a contemporary style with sleek finishes and frosted glass cabinets set in solid wood frames.

Also consider your reasons for remodeling; an upgrade for a better sell price is totally different than an upgrade to make it your forever home.

A safe and economical bet for cabinets are Shaker style in a neutral, white shade. Available in a variety of woods, Shaker cabinets withstand the test of time and can be sanded down and re-painted or stained when you’re ready for a change.

However, white is not only classic, it also goes with everything and makes any kitchen look bigger and brighter.

French Country Kitchens

French doors are a classic upgrade that looks great in every kitchen. For cabinets, adding glass doors to existing high-quality frames is surprisingly fast and easy. However, be careful; French glass doors show everything inside, and therefore you may need to paint or wallpaper your inner cabinets (and always keep the items on display looking neat).

An alternative is frosted or stained glass, so that you still get that French country appeal without having to be a neat freak. Some homeowners are even opting for totally open shelving, whether that means removing doors completely or adding shelves in lieu of cabinets.

Using reclaimed, thick woods (think a rustic fireplace mantel) is a fantastic way to overhaul your kitchen.

You’re So Vain

Kitchen and bath vanities can be the focal point of any room.

In the kitchen, many homeowners are opting for vanities and/or islands that are a different color than the other cabinets. Here you can play with color, resting easy that any “out there” hues can be offset by more neutral countertops. A white, cream, or gray quartz slab looks excellent on top of both neutral and bold vanity colors.

It’s also important to consider all kitchen details and how they relate to cabinets. The right backsplash is vital, and going with a glossy or matte subway tile is a choice you’ll never regret.

Glass, mosaic and metallic backsplashes can be great accents, but be careful that they don’t stand out too much (also know you’re risking it being out of style in a few years).

Kitchen Matters

What matters most in any kitchen is what takes up the most space: cabinets, countertops and sometimes flooring. No matter the size of your kitchen, bigger and brighter is always better.

Avoid clutter (or at least the appearance of it), and embrace light colors that help feed the mood you want in the kitchen, whether it’s calm and peaceful or energetic.

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel this year, don’t start without talking to the experts at AWA Kitchen Cabinets.