Cabinet Store Necessities

Walking into a cabinet store isn’t the same as strolling into your local home improvement warehouse just to poke around.

Cabinet Store

By the time customers go into a cabinet-only store, they’re usually already deep into a custom build or remodel project. They’ve done some research and might have an idea of what they want (even if it’s just from an HGTV binge).

However, many customers don’t understand the differences in woods, styles, painting/staining options, prices or what a cabinet installation project entails.

A quality cabinet store should, first and foremost, have knowledgeable and friendly staff members who aren’t pushy. Ideally, these employees don’t work on commission, but if they do, it certainly shouldn’t feel that way.

Cabinet shopping and customization can be an overwhelming process. Some customers prefer an “inbound marketing” approach that allows them to peruse undisturbed and approach an employee if and when needed. Others want a little handholding from the moment they arrive.

Your First Visit

Countless cabinet combinations are available when you consider style, wood, finishes and hardware. The cabinet store probably won’t have every single combination on display, but they should have an impressive variety.

Many homeowners don’t know exactly what they want until they can see and touch it for themselves. Online shopping for a custom cabinet can give you ideas, but it can be dangerous to order a cabinet without seeing the wood and workmanship in person.

Customers also should expect to be informed and educated on which materials might be the best fit for their needs. As you think of questions for a cabinetmaker, write them down. How long does the entire process take, what are the total fees, what are the pros and cons of certain woods and finishes, and which style or hardware appeals most to buyers?

It’s a Process

In many cases, customers don’t make “the big purchase” during their first visit. It’s wise to shop around, mull the options over and take plenty of photos and notes to go over at home. You might want to do more research on your own, or maybe you’ve fallen in love with a wood or style that you never would have considered when shopping online.

A cabinet store should provide you with plenty of materials to think about, and they should start a complimentary, no-pressure account so all your information (top picks, etc.) is in one central location.

By upgrading your kitchen or designing a gorgeous one for a new home, you’re making a big investment in the house’s value. A kitchen upgrade — and especially countertops and cabinets — is one of the biggest ROI moves you can make.

Whether you want to enjoy a gourmet kitchen yourself or you’re planning a house flip, the cabinets you choose matter greatly. Contact AWA Kitchen Cabinets to schedule a personalized, in-store meeting with a helpful, expert representative today.