Cabinets and Reducing Kitchen Waste

In today’s modern day and age, many home and business owners alike are always looking for ways to reduce waste. Not only can limiting home waste save you money on your utility bill every month, it can benefit the environment around you as well.

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re here to help in the most important area of the home for waste reduction: The kitchen. Our wide range of kitchen cabinets is perfect for not only getting you the perfect style for your kitchen remodeling project, but also for helping you decrease the waste coming from your kitchen as well. Here are four tips we can offer on waste reduction, plus how smart cabinet placement plays a role in each of them.

cabinets reducing kitchen waste

Great Cabinets

Cabinets themselves contribute directly to reducing your kitchen waste, and here’s how: By limiting food waste, which makes up the majority of garbage that leaves most residences.

A big factor in food waste, unfortunately, is food that gets forgotten about or blocked by other items – then down the line, we eventually notice it’s gone bad and throw it out. But with great new cabinets that help you organize and store food in optimal ways, this kind of waste is eliminated when you can take a quick glance and see all your food in a given area. If depth of storage is a concern, you can consider pantry pullouts or other customizable options.

Reusable Containers and Storage Space

Another great way to reduce waste in the home is to switch to reusable containers like Tupperware rather than single-use plastic bags and similar materials. But to do this, you need to have enough storage space for some new containers – and this is where great cabinet choice comes into play. Make sure you set aside significant cabinet space for these kinds of containers during your remodel, even if you haven’t actually purchased the containers themselves yet. You may also want to consider a custom option like a drying station for these items.

Compost and Recycling

Composting and recycling are great ways to minimize waste, and they’re items of convenience – the easier they are to do, the more you’ll find yourself doing them. This means you need these areas to be simple and easy to access, but many homeowners want them out of sight as well; cabinets help you accomplish this easily.

Lasting Materials

Unfortunately, the construction process for any kitchen remodel will unavoidably create significant waste coming from your home. The best way to ensure you don’t have to do this very often? Installing high-quality cabinets and other materials that will last for years. The longer you can go without a new remodel, the less waste you’re creating in the long run.

For more on reducing waste in your kitchen through smart cabinet usage and placement, or to learn about any of our kitchen remodel or cabinet services, speak to the pros at AWA Kitchen Cabinets today.