Daily and Long-Term Granite Countertop Care

Many common elements of a given room naturally complement one another in several ways, and a great example within the kitchen is the relationship between kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops. Often selected at similar times or even together by those remodeling a kitchen space, these two areas are generally close together and can be chosen in ways that either match or contrast each other depending on your aesthetic desires.

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re proud to offer not only a huge range of base cabinets, utility cabinets and other options among our diverse product selection, but also high-quality granite and quartz countertops for kitchen remodelers. We also provide expertise on the care and upkeep of any of the products we offer – here’s a quick primer on general care for those who choose granite countertops, including some important information on sealing.

daily granite countertop care

General Daily Cleaning

Granite has many benefits, and one of the top ones for many owners is the limited regular maintenance or cleaning it requires. You won’t have to buy any expensive wipes, sprays or other materials once you get granite countertops – rather, the products you already had at home will almost certainly do fine.

For starters, simply move any items off the counter so it can be fully cleaned. Then use a soft, dry towel or cloth to rub away any spills, crumbs or other debris. Finally, mix some gentle soap and water, then use a microfiber cloth to wipe down and sanitize the surface before drying the entire area off with another soft cloth. This whole process should take no longer than a couple minutes.

Steam Cleaning

For those who want a more in-depth granite cleaning method, a steam cleaner is usually the ideal option. This can be rented if you don’t own one, and will allow for a much more significant clean.

The first steps here are the same as manual cleaning – remove any objects and wipe off basic spills or crumbs with a cloth. From here, fill the steam cleaner with water and set it to either “low” or “medium” (high might damage the surface), then ensure it’s shooting out hot steam before you get started. Work in sections of your countertops, then use a clean microfiber cloth to dry each once it’s finished.

Sealing Frequency and Themes

Because granite is a natural stone, it can absorb liquids if they’re spilled on it and not cleaned right away. This is also why sealing your granite countertop is very important, as this will help it resist liquid, oil or other stain absorption. To get an idea of whether your seal is in good shape, simply trickle a few droplets of water on it each time you do a general cleaning – if it’s well-sealed, this water will bead up. If it’s not, the droplets will begin to seep into the surface, signaling it’s time to re-seal.

For more on caring for granite countertops, or to learn about any of our kitchen countertop options, speak to the staff at AWA Kitchen Cabinets today.