Utilizing Black Cabinets Within Your Kitchen

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re proud to not only provide clients with a wide range of beautiful kitchen cabinets, from base cabinets to wall cabinets, utility cabinets and many others, but also to offer a huge swatch of color options. Color is a huge part of how your cabinets will play into the kitchen’s overall aesthetic, and we stock a gigantic variety of options to make sure you can mix or match to your heart’s content.

One particular color hue area that’s grown in popularity in many modern homes over recent years: Black, or extremely dark hues like our espresso or dark wood styles. What are some of the top practical and stylistic reasons why more homeowners are choosing black or near-black colors for their kitchen cabinets, and how might you utilize these cabinets in your kitchen? Here’s a primer.

black cabinets within kitchen

Versatility and Numerous Styles

Black and darker hues are enormously versatile when it comes to design within the home, and can either match or contrast a variety of different aesthetics. A few styles or themes it often helps invoke:

  • Elegance: Black cabinets bring a refined, elegant feel to any room, and this can be promoted even further through various enhancements. You might consider gold or brass hardware, for instance, or similarly-colored accents. Others might prefer to contrast these cabinets with rich marble counters or a similar backsplash area. You have several great options here.
  • Modern: Black is used in contemporary design with an emphasis on clean lines. It’s known for sleek, high-gloss and upscale looks.
  • Traditional: And yet, at the same time, black is a viable option for traditional kitchens as well. With great hardware or crown molding, or with a glassfront style that was popular for many decades, you can maintain this classic look with black cabinetry.

Space Perception

For those who do choose black cabinets, it’s important to be considerate of space perception. Too much black in a given space will make it feel smaller – for this reason, it’s important to include non-black accents or complements in other areas of the kitchen.


Speaking of accents, they deserve their own section here. In many cases, homeowners use black cabinets only in certain areas, such as on a kitchen island, while leaving other cabinets a lighter hue. This helps these particular cabinets stand out without risking too small a perception of the space. There are also other features that do very well as cabinet accents, such as a standalone hutch. The idea here is to break up your colors just enough that the space doesn’t feel too small.

For more on using black kitchen cabinets effectively, or to learn about any of our kitchen cabinets, vanity cabinets or other services, speak to the staff at AWA Kitchen Cabinets today.