What You Need to Know About Display Cabinets in Salt Lake City

Cooking isn’t for everyone, but for some of us, our kitchen is our sanctuary. There’s nothing like sipping your morning cup of coffee in a gorgeous, sunlight-filled kitchen. Display cabinets are a great way to incorporate personal touches into your kitchen, which is so much more than just a functional space. Here are our best tips and ideas for making display cabinets work in your kitchen.

What You Need to Know About Display Cabinets in Salt Lake City

Before Diving into Designing Your Display Cabinets in Salt Lake City

Before getting started with your display cabinets, there are some things you’ll need to think about. Most importantly, you must consider functionality. As aesthetically pleasing as display cabinets can be, you don’t want to compromise your ability to actually use your kitchen. For example, many people like to keep plates, bowls, and glasses near the dishwasher for easy unloading. Or, you may keep cooking and baking supplies near the oven. Thus, you should place your display cabinets in an area that is high up or out of the way, saving the prime real estate for utility cabinets. Corner cabinets are a great choice for displays as well, since their odd shape makes them less useful for storage.

Display Cabinet Door Options

The most obvious way to display your prized kitchen possessions would be with no cabinet doors at all. An open cabinet can look great in a kitchen at first, but the lack of protection means the items on display will collect oil from cooking and dust very easily. Also, you risk the items in these cabinets falling out — especially if you have kids or pets. If you have your heart set on open display cabinets, consider placing them somewhere high out of reach of children, pets, and cooking splatters, such as above the fridge.

If open cabinets sound like more trouble than they’re worth, you have tons of other options. Glass door cabinets protect your display items while also maximizing their visibility. Not only that, but cabinets with glass doors will help make your kitchen look bigger by creating depth. To make your glass door cabinets more unique, consider glass that is colored or has a pattern. Muntins on glass door display cabinets also add personality to your kitchen, as they come in many different designs. You can also take a mixed media approach to your display cabinets, such as by adding chicken wire or metal grates. This creates texture and helps break up the monotony of solid cabinet doors.

If you are concerned about your display items falling out or getting damaged, you can also have locks installed on your kitchen cabinet doors.

How to Display Kitchen Items

When choosing items to display, you’ll want to think about colors. The colors and accents in your kitchen will give you cues for what will look best in your display cabinets. You’ll also want to think about balance in your displays, ensuring that one side of your cabinet isn’t significantly more than the other. Finally, don’t be afraid to get creative by changing your displays with the seasons.

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