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The Versatile Value of Gray Kitchen Cabinets

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re here to provide quality kitchen cabinet products of a variety of styles and formats for all our clients. Whether you’re looking for prominent options like base cabinets or wall cabinets to define your entire kitchen’s design or you prefer cabinets that match a previous design already in place, we have a wide array of selections available.

Among those in this latter group, one color that’s very popular today for kitchen cabinets is gray. Gray is known to be one of the most versatile and adaptable colors for cabinets and other kitchen or home design areas – let’s look at what makes gray such a versatile color in these areas, plus the many benefits of going with gray for your next kitchen cabinet purchase.

versatile gray kitchen cabinets

Gray Hues and True Color

While we’re talking about gray as its own distinct color, the reality is that gray can actually be formed into pretty much any kind of hue you’re looking for. There are almost limitless variations of gray available, from yellow or blue shades to lavender, brown, green and many others. These hues might barely show up in some cases, or might be extremely significant. If you already have another primary color in your space, there’s no concern over gray cabinets throwing the color scheme out of whack.

Matching Other Designs

As we noted above, gray cabinets are perfect if you’re looking to simply match a previous design but don’t want to overdo any particular color scheme. If you desire, they can be sleek and modern, with a darker hue that maintains a similar theme.

On the flip side, you can choose lighter gray cabinets that are excellent for various kitchen styles, including those opened up to natural light. Gray is ideal for everything from plain cabinet doors to embellished doors, from raised panels to Shaker-style options as well.

Neutral Backdrop

Does your kitchen feature wood, brick or other specific texture designs that you do not want to take eyes away from? Gray is a perfect complement here, serving as a fantastic backdrop to these kinds of materials that allows them to shine through. While we do recommend some accents in certain areas so the entire kitchen isn’t too monotone, gray cabinets are a great start.

Paint or Stain

Finally, gray cabinets offer the ability to either paint or stain them as needed. Stained gray cabinets can show off wood grain, while painted gray cabinets can then be distressed or given several potential finishes, bringing you the ideal aesthetic for the entire space with no hassle whatsoever.

For more on the value of gray cabinets as versatile additions to your kitchen, or to learn about any of our kitchen cabinets, speak to the staff at AWA Kitchen Cabinets today.

Benefits and Drawbacks of White Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to installing new kitchen cabinets as part of a remodel or any other project, color scheme will be one of the most important factors to consider. This is especially true if you’re considering white cabinets, which provide a unique and modern look but also may come with some risks that you should be aware of before installing.

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we stock a wide variety of base cabinets, wall cabinets, vanity cabinets and many others in a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from. In today’s blog, we’ll go over some of the traditional benefits of white cabinets in the kitchen, plus a few of the potential drawbacks or areas to assess before making your final choice.

benefits drawbacks white kitchen cabinets

Benefits of White Cabinets

White cabinets and similar lighter designs have numerous potential benefits in a kitchen space, from their aesthetic appeal to several others. Here’s a short list of some of the major pros associated with them:

  • Simplicity and trends: While white cabinets are among the ;simpler design formats out there, this is a huge positive for many people due to the way these shades remain trendy across the years. Many other color schemes go in and out of style every few years, meaning that design you thought was trendy when you installed it a few years ago might already be yesterday’s news. White cabinets, though, are known as timeless options that match up with any style, whether you’re going with a more traditional or a modern look. Even industrial or country kitchen styles do just fine with white cabinets.
  • Versatility: As we just noted, white cabinets complement a variety of kitchen styles and setups. They’re great for large kitchen spaces, in particular.
  • Reflectivity: Another major value add from white kitchen cabinets is the way they reflect light, especially natural light entering the kitchen. White cabinets are some of the best options here, helping broaden smaller spaces and making them feel larger in many cases. They’re perfect in darker kitchens that don’t get a ton of natural light, too.

Drawbacks of White Cabinets

Now, there are a few potential drawbacks or areas you at least want to be aware of before you install white cabinets:

  • Overdoing it: If you’re planning white cabinets, be sure certain other accents or pieces in the kitchen have darker colors to contrast it. Too much white can make a space feel cold, almost like a doctor’s office in some ways. Get some warm hues and complimentary colors on your countertops or other accessories to balance it out.
  • Maintenance: It’s also important to realize that white cabinets might require a bit more maintenance and cleaning than other colors. White tends to show smudges, spills and dirt a bit more easily, and scratches will also be easier to notice.

For more on the pros and cons of white kitchen cabinets, or to learn about any of our kitchen cabinet products, speak to the staff at AWA Kitchen Cabinets today.