Countertop and Floor Complements for White Kitchen Cabinets

For anyone involved in a significant kitchen remodel or upgrade to major aesthetic areas, the theme of contrasting is a vital one. Even if you plan to utilize a single color or shade as your primary foundation, it’s important to include the right contrasting and complementary accents and differing shades to ensure the space doesn’t become too monochromatic.

At AWA Kitchen Cabinets, we’re here to help. Not only do we offer a wide selection of quality kitchen cabinets, from wall cabinets to base cabinets and many others, we also offer granite countertops and several other pieces that often play a big role in complementing cabinet color schemes. Let’s look at some of the most popular countertop-and-cabinet design combinations homeowners consider when utilizing white cabinets, one of the most popular styles out there today.

: countertop complements white kitchen cabinets

White on White

For those who prefer white or lighter shades as their primary foundational color, it’s easily possible to obtain both white cabinets and white granite countertops. There are several granite varieties that are lighter in shade and come with excellent color accents, usually in the form of veins and speckling found within.

In some cases, designers choose to pair these with beige or other lighter-colored accents, such as backsplashes or even chairs. This is an excellent combination alongside a traditional wood floor, along with stainless appliances that leave a clean, modern look.

Flooring Contrasts

Speaking of flooring, it’s often a great way to complement both your cabinets and your countertops as you’re looking for the ideal kitchen color scheme. In particular, those looking for darker granite countertops of any hue will often find success with a similarly dark floor – the floor and countertops will lend the ideal contrast to white or off-white cabinet types. Splash in a little gold on your kitchen fixtures, such as cabinet handles or faucet knobs, and you have a wonderful scheme in place.

Lighter Granite

If you want a good contrast to a white cabinet but want to keep things on the lighter side, there are several granite varieties available here. From off-white to various light browns or beiges, these options go well with soft lighting in the room that will allow them to blend in to many sets of eyes.

To contrast this, consider a standard hardwood floor and darker accents. Dark brown backsplashes do very well, and brown or black handle accents and fixture designs cap off this look.

Darker Granite

There are also several darker options available, including blue, brown and even black forms of granite countertops. This is the truest contrast available to white cabinets, bringing a sharp modern look that works well with either dark or light accents (depending on where you place them).

For more on choosing the right complementary countertops for white kitchen cabinets, or to learn about any of our kitchen cabinets or other products, speak to the staff at AWA Kitchen Cabinets today.