Kitchen Remodeling for Bigger Kitchens

Size matters, especially with kitchen remodeling. But what if you can’t knock down any of your kitchen walls? Make it look bigger by using some kitchen remodeling tips instead.

kitchen remodeling

The recent trend of taking kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling doesn’t just increase your storage space, it also makes the room look much bigger (the higher the ceilings, the more dramatic the impact). Top off where the cabinet meets the ceiling with classic crown molding for a finished look.

Choose lighter colors, including traditional white, to make any space look bigger. White cabinets are timeless, they go with any theme or décor and they’ll instantly brighten up any room. Wooden cabinets are a prime kitchen remodeling investment, and you can sand and re-paint or stain them if you decide to switch up the look of your kitchen in the future.

Details of Kitchen Remodeling

Simpler is often better with kitchen remodeling. You can feel overwhelmed when you have a multitude of cabinet door styles to choose from. However, traditional Shaker cabinets or another basic style with minimal ornamentation won’t just withstand the test of time, they can also make your kitchen look bigger. Ornate lines and features might be a showstopper, but they’re too busy for the eye to take in and can make the space look smaller.

Forgoing dramatic ornamentation goes for kitchen remodeling hardware choices, too. Select handles and knobs with simple, smooth lines instead of going for the outlandish. Great choices include straight handles, basic knobs and cup pulls. Picking lighter colors that blend in, such as brushed nickel, instead of bright or dark hardware, can also open up a space.

Complement Your Cabinets

Accessorize your light-colored cabinets with stone slabs and kitchen appliances that are also neutral, light in color and work well together. Fortunately, the stainless steel appliance trend is here to stay for a while. Or give a nod to classic Americana with white appliances. Both shades work well to suggest a larger space.

Stone slabs in quartz or granite in the white, light gray or beige families also make rooms seem larger. And when stone is sealed, you don’t have to worry about stains.

Maintain the look of your new kitchen by keeping surface areas clear of clutter. Select a few key accent pieces, such as your beloved industrial mixer in a bright pop of color, and let those pieces be what draws the eye.

When deciding on kitchen cabinets, it can be tempting to go with glass doors, but that’s a big responsibility. Behind the glass, you’ll need to either paint or wallpaper the interior cabinets a complementary light hue, and also keep the insides neat and tidy.

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