Kitchen Remodeling Triage

Kitchen remodeling can be a thrilling — but overwhelming — process.

Kitchen Remodeling Triage

Since your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home, you’ve got a lot on the line. Realtors and home buyer surveys repeatedly note that kitchen upgrades are the No. 1 way to improve your home’s value.

Many homeowners, especially those on a budget or who want some use of their kitchen while the work is being done, prefer to remodel one part at a time. You can take your time, save for the next step and still ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams with this approach.

Where do you get started? It’s a good idea to tackle the biggest parts of a kitchen first — the ones most likely to catch the eye. The cabinets, countertops and sometimes the flooring take up a lot of space and can dictate the overall feel and theme of a room.

Starting with kitchen cabinets is a fantastic way to see instant results and also provide a frame for how the rest of the kitchen will be transformed.

Kitchen Remodeling from the Cabinets Up

Unless you choose a modern and custom look like steel cabinets, you’ll almost certainly go with wood. Wood is a classic, solid, luxurious choice that will withstand the test of time.

Choose a wood that’s strong and a hue that you like. You can certainly stain and/or paint your cabinets, making them look brand-new whenever you like, but it’s best to start with a foundational shade that you like.

Kitchen cabinet styles also make a big impact. Right now, one of the most popular styles is Shaker because it’s classic, relatively affordable and it goes with absolutely any aesthetic.

Other timeless styles include French (with glass inserts that may be clear, colored or etched) as well as flat-front cabinets. Choosing ornate finishes might be just your style, but keep in mind that if you plan to sell, it’s best to stick with looks that appeal to everyone.

Next Up

Once you have your kitchen remodel kick-started with the right cabinets in the right color and style, it’s time to tackle the next feature: hardware. Your kitchen cabinet hardware can dramatically change the appearance of any room.

Trending right now are “cup pulls,” which harken back to classic farmhouse styles. Yes, they’re trending, but they’re actually a classic look that’s a gorgeous statement piece.

You might also fall in love with slim square or rounded handles and matching knobs. A brushed nickel helps to avoid fingerprint marks and will likely match your range hood and stainless steel appliances. However, hardware is relatively low-cost compared to some other kitchen remodel items, so feel free to get a little wacky and shake things up!

Tackle countertops next, opting for a natural stone slab if possible. Kitchen floors in a sturdy hardwood, laminate or tile keep the kitchen cool and make cleanup easy. For more tips on kitchen remodeling, contact AWA Kitchen Cabinets today!