Should You Stain or Paint Kitchen Cabinets? 

Choosing to stain or paint kitchen cabinets is arguably one of the more important decisions you’ll make during a kitchen renovation, along with choosing flooring, countertops, fixtures … it’s a long list.

Should You Stain or Paint Kitchen Cabinets? 

But unlike some of the other decisions, you’ll make, either staining or painting kitchen cabinets might not be a one-time deal. You’ll probably have to touch them up over time. If you’re selling your home, the trends in your area may have changed.

What’s better, staining or painting, and which is right for your situation?


To stain or paint kitchen cabinets is a process, but painting is the more time-consuming and less forgiving of the two options. Paint offers a smooth, unblemished surface if it’s done right. When it’s done wrong, you (and everyone else) will notice.

Here are some facts to know if you’re painting kitchen cabinets:

  • Options: It offers endless options, more so than stain! Choose any color you can imagine for your kitchen.
  • On-trend: Paint is consistent with modern trends, more so than stain.
  • Cost: Paint will likely cost more than stain, mainly because you will need more of it.

You should also be aware that having your cabinets painted professionally makes a big difference in results. If they use a paint sprayer, it will be hard for you to touch up the paint yourself over time and keep the finish consistent.

Choose to paint kitchen cabinets when you aren’t a fan of the wood grain and you have specific goals for the colors in your kitchen.


Stained cabinets are beautiful when the underlying wood grain deserves to be front and center. Even though with staining you don’t have the full-color spectrum to choose from, you can still select a variety of shades, from a rich mahogany to a light, almost clear finish.

Here’s what to know about stained cabinets:

  • Easy to sell: Even though paint gives a modern look, stain offers a traditional touch that often leads to faster and higher resale value.
  • Savings: You will likely pay less for stain versus paint, due to the fact that less time and materials are required.

Choose to stain when you are a big fan of texture and warmth or when you’re reselling your home.

Do You Need New Cabinets?

When you start down the road of touching up your old cabinets, you may quickly realize the effort is futile if they’re cracked, broken or damaged beyond fixing. In this case, say goodbye to stained, water-damaged cabinets and invest in all-new kitchen cabinetry with our help.

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