4 Tips for Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Remodeling itself is a challenge. Remodeling a small kitchen makes that task even more difficult.

Just because you can’t have the kitchen of your dreams right now doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the space you do have.

remodeling small kitchen

Here are a couple tips and tricks to make your small kitchen seem a little bit bigger.

1.Utilize Your Space Wisely

The main concern with a small kitchen is finding enough space for all of your cooking utensils.

However, many people don’t realize that their kitchens have the potential for a lot more room than they realize. Think about your cabinets right now. How much of the space do you think you’re utilizing?

Most people look at how full the shelves are and respond with a high percentage. However, what they don’t understand is that with proper planning they could add so much more.

Hooks and shelves on the doors can make your cabinets much more organized and efficient.

Also, did you know there are cabinets that are designed especially for the corners? Don’t settle for wasted space in your new remodel.

2.Add Glass Doors

When you’re remodeling a small kitchen you want to open up the space as much as you can. For some people this means knocking down a wall. For others that’s not possible. Instead, the better option for them is to add glass doors to their cabinets.

This will make the room look wider. Restaurants use a similar trick with mirrors. The more room you see, the bigger it will seem to your brain.

3.Focus on the Lighting

Shadows and dim lights are an enemy to small kitchens. They make the space look less desirable and more closed off.

The solution to this is to focus on the lighting from the very beginning. Add lights on the bottom of cabinets, pendent lamps, or just more bulbs in the ceiling.

All of these options with help brighten and open up the room.

4.Get Creative with Organization

Even with the best cabinets, you still might not be able to fit everything in your kitchen that you would like. This is where you have to get a little creative with your remodel.

Add shelves and other storage spaces in unique locations. For example you could add a pot rack over a center island. Having all of your cooking utensils close by will make preparing dinner a breeze.

More Tips for Remodeling a Small Kitchen

Small spaces sometimes take a lot more planning and effort to remodel. That’s why it’s helpful to talk with a trusted professional. Here at AWA cabinets we’ve worked with hundreds of families that were remodeling a small kitchen.

We’ll help you too! Call us today for a consultation on our best cabinets for limited space.