The Advantages of Solid Wood Cabinets

solid wood cabinetsDebating between particle board and solid wood cabinets? It’s a tough decision. It’s not that you can’t get affordable solid wood cabinets, it’s just that particle board is so cheap! If you

Cabinet Store Treasures

Cabinet StoreA cabinet store carries much more than just kitchen and bathroom cabinets. It’s the place where you get all the bells and whistles, too, along with an incredible selection of woods and hardware.

Kitchen Cabinet History

kitchen-cabinet-historyKitchen cabinets have a surprisingly rich history, going through incredible transformations over the decades. In centuries past, it was common for kitchen cabinets to consist of open shelves, espec

Kitchen Cabinet Weight Capacities

kitchen cabinet weightHow much weight can your overhead kitchen cabinets really hold? Dishes are getting heavier, especially compared to the fine, small, lightweight options our grandparents used. We’re also colle

Your Cabinet Store Terminology Guide

Kitchen Cabinets UtahMortises, tenons and ogees can all be found in a cabinet store. But what even are they? Cabinetmaking is an ancient trade, so it’s no surprise that some of the lingo and terminology is a bit

Kitchen Remodeling for Bigger Kitchens

kitchen remodelingSize matters, especially with kitchen remodeling. But what if you can’t knock down any of your kitchen walls? Make it look bigger by using some kitchen remodeling tips instead. The recent tre

Cabinetmaker Career Path

Cabinet MakerHow can you tell if you’ve found a good cabinetmaker? Like many skilled vocations, cabinetmakers undergo an apprenticeship, and after several years of practice can achieve master cabinetmaker